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I wish grief worked like it worked on television. You go through a few months of sadness, but in the end a hot guy is waiting for you to remind you to live again. You can even go to commercial … Continue reading

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Dragon Fire – Excerpt

I made a deal with my niece that I would write a book about dragons and she could illustrate it if she would bring up her grades in school. She held up her end of the bargain. That means that I’m … Continue reading

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Another Scene

At this point, I’m just writing random scenes as they pop into my head. I should probably try looking at my outline for a change. So if you were wondering if this young adult novel had a love story, this … Continue reading

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It should not matter that Michael Brown was enrolling in college. It shouldn’t matter that his pants sagged or what neighborhood her was from. It shouldn’t matter, but it does. It always does. Society places no value on the lives … Continue reading

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Untitled Writing Project – Excerpt

I typically don’t edit while writing. I apologize for any errors. My father first showed me a military base when I was ten. My brother and I were able to go see them because he had special clearance. It’s this … Continue reading

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Good Grief

I promise that this blog won’t be 100% downer all of the time. I do, however, want to introduce myself and why I chose to start it. My name is Yvonne. I’m 32 and I have been accused of having … Continue reading

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