Another Scene

At this point, I’m just writing random scenes as they pop into my head. I should probably try looking at my outline for a change. So if you were wondering if this young adult novel had a love story, this scene spoils it for you.


Callie is still asleep in the bed. Her hair spread out along the pillow. She looks younger in her sleep. She’s not the woman who kills people with very little regret. The anger about the death of her father is gone. It is a constant presence when she is awake. Every smile or laugh feels muted because it just masks this rage. She stirs in the bed and briefly opens her eyes to look at me. She smiles briefly and rolls over.

She groans, “Lieutenant, you’re staring.”

“Now you choose to recognize my rank,” I sigh crawling back into the bed.

“You finally gave me a reason to.”

She raises a cheeky eyebrow in my direction before hiding her face in a pillow.

“I can’t believe the fearless Callie Diaz is hiding her face.” I brush her hair away from her face. She still smells like strawberries. I notice the jagged scar left from her implant. I lie down on the pillow facing her.

We rarely get to wake up with the sun beaming through the windows. The tunnels did a decent job of protecting us from the outside, but it did a better job of keeping us away from the few things that were good about.

“I have to cut out your tracker.” There’s no need for build up or trying to sugarcoat it. “Disabling it only works for long. It’ll reboot eventually.”

“Your pillow talk is amazing. Really? Can’t believe I waited this—“

“It is going to hurt. A lot.”

“Who will take yours out?” She looks behind my ear and sees the bloody bandage covering the cut I gave myself earlier. “Amaya—“

I smile at her. I cringe. The pain from the cut is worse when I smile, but I try not to let on. “I had to make sure I knew what I was doing. Your face is prettier than mine.”

“I don’t think so, Lieutenant.”

“Captain.” I thread my fingers with hers and look down. Her eyes question me

“All of our commanding officers are burned to a crisp. I felt a promotion was in order.”

She laughs at that. Of course she would laugh at that.

(c) Yvonne McDowell

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